Virtual Diamond Mining

Global Diamond Gas Market:

Total Diamond Mining Pot: TRX
(12% distributed daily)

Gas Production bank
Your Energy:

Gas to get 1 energy: 86400 Gas

Estimated earnings: 0.00 Gas
Create a forvever gas mining rig to sell and claim dividend token forever with gas

Contract Balance Mining : Trx

Contract Balance Exchanger : Trx

Virtual Diamond Exchanger

Buy Gas using Trx Convertable for Energy Gas Each of your Energy will produce/mine Gas for you every second forever. With Gas you can convert them to gain more mining energy to be more efficient then sell your gas for trondiamond token to get forever dividends.
Buy token directly without mining gas
For more how to earn check tutorial tab

Tron Diamond Buy
Pot: TRX
Your Tron: 0.0

Estimated earnings: 0.00 TD
Tron Diamond Sell
Pot: TRX
Your TronDiamond: 0.0

Estimated earnings: 0.00 TRX
@ 33 trx